Hickey Picker Fingers and Handles

SANTEC Hickey Picker Finger Replacement Parts are the best:

  • Manufactured in our own plant to OEM specification.
  • Available for waterless plates.
  • Specifically formulated rubber, plastic, and other specialty materials which ensure maximum performance and wear resistance.
  • Unique bonding process between metal and rubber so that there is never a bond failure.
  • Specially treated metal for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Safe metal parts so that there are no sharp edges or burrs.
  • Shipment available within 24 hours on standard and specialty fingers.
  • Excellent pricing.

* We can fit every press in your shop. Our in-house design staff can quickly meet any custom requirement or special order.

  • Pricing does not reflect any discounts. We will email you corrected pricing if applicable once the order is placed or you may call us at 203.878.1379 for current pricing.